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'Digitally Ready' Soft Skills with Intercultural Communicator Yuliya Shtaltovna

July 27, 2021 Stephen Ladek, Director at Season 1 Episode 47
The eLearning Podcast
'Digitally Ready' Soft Skills with Intercultural Communicator Yuliya Shtaltovna
Show Notes

№47 Yuliya Shtaltovna, DYS Communications; English Language Teachers'​ Association Berlin-Brandenburg (ELTABB)

To begin today, let me throw you a little curve ball: is it possible that during all the design and planning and chaos of creating a virtual learning experience, you have forgotten about “soft skills?” I’m talking about fundamental things like communication and listening. My guest for today, Yuliya Shtaltovna thought so.

As a Business Communication Professional and Lecturer, Yuliya believes that soft skills are more essential than ever. After all, if we’re looking to engage learners across new platforms and unforeseen circumstances, we might do well making sure our “soft-digital” skills are as sharp as they can be.

In this deep and nuanced conversation we talk about:

🦋 What soft skills mean in hybrid learning and working, and why they are more valuable today than ever before, in pretty much every context.
🤹 Why developing your own "digitally ready" soft skills goes hand in hand with a growing sense of professional awareness. There’s no mystery why they are associated with better jobs and pay.
🎤 We also talk about digital competencies, and why given the sound framework on digital competencies for educators by the European Union, there really is no excuse not to have a digital skills game plan.
🌌 How Yuliya understood that her work and online teaching needed to reflect these new lessons learned, and how she moved away from “lecturing as much as possible” to find ways to transmit her passion and continuous interest about her subjects, as a way to reveal new horizons for her learners.

And check out her LinkedIn post with resources supporting her talk, “Challenge your Business English curricula to teach soft skills.”


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