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Lisa Caprelli, 'Unicorn Jazz,' 'Skip a Step'

July 21, 2021 Stephen Ladek, Director at Season 1 Episode 46
The eLearning Podcast
Lisa Caprelli, 'Unicorn Jazz,' 'Skip a Step'
Show Notes

№ 46 Lisa Caprelli, Author

My guest for today is Lisa Caprelli, who is an author and speaker, with 16 books published under her belt and in several languages.

With her series “Unicorn Jazz” and “Skip a Step,” Lisa manages to transform a past life as a marketing and branding consultant into a journey about the value of being true to yourself and finding your true purpose. Lessons that are as valuable for children as they are for the hundred-plus CEOs she’s worked with.

If you’re one of many “experts” in the audience, I suspect Lisa’s story will resonate with you. Especially for those of you who have pivoted over the last 18 months from delivering your special sauce in person to virtually.

In this friendly and magical conversation we talk about:

  • What it takes to “break through” the confines of a traditional corporate setting to embody and realize your passion. Pro tip: Discover and then hone your passions while at your corporate life.
  • Why Lisa finds it so valuable to stay close to children’s minds, as sources of perspective, inspiration and motivation.
  • The value of keeping your team engaged and constantly rewarded. Remember: There’s no such thing as a “One Person Show.”


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