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«Inclusive educators bring their full selves to the organization» — Jennifer Brown

June 29, 2021 Stephen Ladek, Director at Season 1 Episode 43
The eLearning Podcast
«Inclusive educators bring their full selves to the organization» — Jennifer Brown
Show Notes

№43 Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown Consulting

After a series of “fundamental shifts” in her personal and professional life, including a thwarted promising career as an opera singer, my guest for today Jennifer Brown had no choice but to reinvent herself. In the process, she noticed how other parts of our world are ripe for transformation, including corporate learning and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion or DEI Space.

Jennifer is the Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, and the Author of the books "Inclusion" (2016) and "How To Be An Inclusive Leader" (2019). She is a super dynamic speaker and her depth of passion and knowledge around DEI is unparalleled.

As a vocal member and advocate of the LGBTQ+ community, Jennifer envisions a radically transformed organization in the way it embraces people’s voices, feelings and passions. And in our new normal of digital connections amid our collective sense of uncertainty and threats to our well-being, she could not be more thrilled about the prospects for more attentive, inclusive and just human leadership styles.

In this intimate conversation we talk about:

😨 Why Jennifer is adamant about “bringing your full self” into your organization or team, as opposed to being fearful of showing who you are in the workplace.

🔋 The things that get in the way of organizational culture, and how DEI can often be a powerful way to address these things
📡 Why even “privileged” leaders can benefit from more open ways to communicate and collaborate, that among other things lets everyone know that it’s okay to share and feel vulnerable
🤺 How you can reinvent as a person, a professional or an educator, without losing your identity, but actually evolving it; and why crises are often fantastic catalyzers for personal growth.
🦋 The value of “being comfortable being uncomfortable,” which for Jennifer is an ideal state for a learner and an educator, when it comes to topics of diversity and privilege as well as pretty much any other subject.

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