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The Most Influential Open EdTech Foundation You Never Knew About

June 02, 2021 Stephen Ladek, Director at Season 1 Episode 39
The eLearning Podcast
The Most Influential Open EdTech Foundation You Never Knew About
Show Notes

 №39 Ian Dolphin & Anne-Marie Scott, Apereo 

Today I am glad to introduce to you what is perhaps the largest open source elearning organization you’ve never heard about. I’m talking about Apereo, a global network of open source advocacy in education. Unlike other approaches to open source, Apereo is here not just to share their open source tools, but to help in your open source development and sustainability journey.

From networking and incubation, to the consolidation of teams and communities which give projects sustenance for the long haul, Apereo’s Executive Director Ian Dolphin and Board Chair Anne-Marie Scott might just be the key allies you need in your open elearning transformation journey.

In this exciting and open-ended conversation we talk about:

🛫 What is Apereo, and how their community-based approach can be a radical departure from your conventional thinking about open source software.
🌂 The “Apereo umbrella,” which houses dozens of different open edtech projects ready for you to use; and how you could get your open source project in.
👥 We also discuss how, slowly but steadily, users find in open source an asset for institutional capacity and innovation, increasingly adopted by larger organizations and entire governments.
👀 What the next generation of opensource enabled organizations and societies might look like.
😺 Finally, why open source can help foster a culture of, well, open source values that seep into the learning process. Could open source students be more self-reliant and collaborative?

And if you want to learn more from Anne-Marie, Ian and dozens of top global figures taking part in Apereo’s projects, you should not miss Open Apereo 21, the annual virtual event taking place this June 7-11. Visit for more.

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