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Is Your Executive Functioning? With Jess Corinne, Learnfully

June 02, 2022 Stephen Ladek, Principal eLearning Advocacy, Open LMS Season 2 Episode 2
The eLearn Podcast
Is Your Executive Functioning? With Jess Corinne, Learnfully
Show Notes

№ 2 Jess Corinne, Learnfully

My guest for today is Jess Corinne who is Head of Educational Services at Learnfully. Her passion is making sure that instructors have the tools they need to effectively serve learners with special needs.

In this wide ranging conversation Jess and I discuss:

What it means to be Head of educational services for Learnfully and how her work impacts and oversees all of the organization’s delivery for families and learners.

What exactly executive functioning is and how it is the gateway for basically everything that happens in your brain and the three “buckets” these functions fall into.

We also have a very detailed conversation - with clear examples - of the 8 component subskills underneath those three major buckets, and why all of us (yes, even if you think you’re entirely “normal”) deal with issues related to executive functioning in one way or another.

Why neuroplasticity is “alive and well” and is so important and how our brains shift, mold and strengthen synaptic connections so we can continue to adapt to the world. (And how you can consciously re-train yourself and your brain for new situations).

Why we really need to accept that “the goalposts are always changing” in life and learning to enjoy the journey through adapting results in the most fulfillment and satisfaction.

We end with Jess’s recommendation for using sensory language with the instructions for your learners and how it can help them to understand how they learn.

And… just a note about the format of this episode. I’ve started to move all interviews to a live format so that we can interact with you - our listeners! In this episode you’ll hear Jess and I answer questions as they come in via chat messages. I invite you to join us every Thursday on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube!

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