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On A “Class” Of Its Own — Ben Lowell, Class on the eLearn Podcast

May 10, 2022 Stephen Ladek, Principal eLearning Advocacy, Open LMS
The eLearn Podcast
On A “Class” Of Its Own — Ben Lowell, Class on the eLearn Podcast
Show Notes

№ 83 Ben Lowell, Class

My guest for today is Ben Lowell who works on Strategy for Class - a new learning management system or platform from the founder of Blackboard that works on top of Zoom and is built using the Zoom SDK (software development kit).

In this energizing conversation Ben and I talk about:

The virtues, benefits and pitfalls of both online learning and in person learning, and when it is a good idea to use them (or not) - hint: there is no one right answer and Ben walks us through an example of success from the Utah Jazz.

Why in person delivery is important for socialization and the fact that adults are actually more difficult to train (as opposed to kids) because they have experience and perspectives they bring to the table.

The importance of learning constructs and pacing, how we are more likely to have “a ha” moments in groups, and why hands-on experience is critical whether your fixing cars or leading teams.

Why online learning often gets a bad rap because of poor design by humans. It is rarely the tech: rather its almost always the strategy and the solutions that were designed by people.

Why you should never ask the question whether virtual or in-person delivery is better: because the better question is “what’s the best strategy for delivering this content?”

Why you should still have in person events - but you need to use them for all the reasons other than training. And, why training, just like eating, is all about a balanced diet.

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