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Get On Video, You’re The Last One! With Josh Cavalier

April 08, 2022 Stephen Ladek, Principal eLearning Advocacy, Open LMS
The eLearn Podcast
Get On Video, You’re The Last One! With Josh Cavalier
Show Notes

№ 82 Josh Cavalier,  American Tire Distributors 

My guest for today is Josh Cavalier, a super experienced Learning Architect whose work has spanned almost 30 years and includes an incredible amount of accolades.
Josh has always been at the forefront of educational video and his current mission is to “to teach everyone the secrets of creating enduring instructional videos.”

In this very exciting conversation we talk about:

📼 Why video may not be here to stay, at least in the sense we have of it today. Josh contends that the future of video demands we think about how we communicate with our learners differently.
📹 Josh and I then break down some of the myths of video making around things like production value and length. 🗯 Next we focus our conversation around video formats, and why it’s worth thinking about the “touch points” your content has with your students. Are they enough and are they the right ones?
📽 And finally, Josh and I dive deeper to discuss how touch points are laid out across a video to answer key questions. Josh explains that, if you’re making bulleted points in a more or less linear fashion, choose a short, crisp format; but if you really want to paint a complete picture, think of your video as a film in which the subject you’re teaching plays a starring role.

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