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‘NoCode’ Tools Have Come To Your Classroom To Stay, With Mike Taylor

March 24, 2022 Stephen Ladek, Principal eLearning Advocacy, Open LMS Season 1 Episode 81
The eLearn Podcast
‘NoCode’ Tools Have Come To Your Classroom To Stay, With Mike Taylor
Show Notes

№ 81 Mike Taylor

My guest for today is Mike Taylor, a learning consultant “on a mission to rid the world of ineffectual training.” Over the decades, Mike has had basically every possible job there is in Learning & Development and he regularly shares his expertise with a very large online following.

In this episode, Mike and I discuss a particular passion of his: The “No-Code” movement. A way for everyone, including non-tech-savvy educators, to leverage the power of modern technologies to increase productivity, save valuable time and enhance the learning experience

In this very enthusiastic conversation we talk about:

👨‍💻 What “No Code” tools are, how to make the most of software without the need of (any) programming skills, and why Mike loves Zapier so much (PS. This is not a paid endorsement)

⚒ We also discuss a couple of examples of automated tools you setup once, then forget about; and the virtues of adopting an “automation mindset” with eLearning tools and apps

👫 Of course, we also touch on some important disclaimers, such as small but notable startup investments, like the time it takes to initially set up tools; and the importance of spending a couple minutes here and there testing and iterating.

⚒ But finally and overall, why Mike is certain “No Code” tools are here to stay, even in the most conservative corners of academia; why you should join your nearest “100 days of no code” bootcamp, and why it pays to befriend the IT person at your workplace

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